Beautiful, strong, inspiring and emotion igniting brands

We partner with cool clients to create, explore, strengthen and reimagine their brands – to create kick ass solutions, design, strategies and experiences for measurably better business.

Insights & Strategy

Insights, built on understanding, provide the fuel for strong ideas and brands.

Through Consumer & Market Insight, Trend Reports & Innovation Workshops we identify what is going on in the world as well as in your head.

We help our clients define their purpose and communicate their uniqueness through a well thought out Brand Strategy.

  • Brand strategy
  • Consumer & market Insights
  • analytics
  • Workshops & keynotes

Desgin & Creation

A brand’s visual expression is one of the most powerful tools to communicate. We offer Design Strategy & Structure, Visual Identity and Guidelines to ensure strong identities in all touchpoints.

We love great design and take a energetic and passionate approach in our work and projects. The result is beautiful, easy to use, and effective experiences on all touchpoints.

But its good to remember that a brand is not the visual profile, the communication or the logo. A brand is basically a persons gut feeling about a product, service or organisation. This means that without clear insights, strategies and understanding – the brand will not deliver the value it’s supposed to.

  • Brand & visual identity
  • Desgin strategy & Structure
  • concept design
  • Tone of voice & copy
  • Online & digital design

The Kick Ass Process

If you as a ”normal” brand consultancy, or even ad-agency or consultant about their process It’s usually linear and does not take into account the fact that when you’ve created something new the change it brings with it usually leads to more new insights.

That’s why our process is a never-ending, highly creative and focused one.