Creating brands that Kick Ass.

Hi! We’re Kick Ass Management. We are a rare kind of

creative and strategic, brand consultancy. We combine both

sides of the brain to create strong brands that ignite emotion.



We combine kick ass business thinking with bold ideas, passion and creativity. This results in disruptive and magical strategies & concepts as well as measurably better business for you.

Kick Ass Management is the only brand consultancy that creates kick ass solutions for measurably better business by combining kick ass business thinking with creativity, energy and passion on our journey to make the world a more interesting and exciting place.

We build strong brands.


“So you’re a ad-agency?” NO.

Brands are not about communication, marketing or design. A brand is not the logo or the colors. A brand should inspire the culture within the organisation and ignite emotion externally. To achieve this you can not do the same as you are used to.

That’s why we are a brand consultancy. We build stronger brands together with our clients.

In curiosity we trust

It’s curiosity that is at the core of creative and disruptive thinking. The great Stephen Fry once said “I’m a curious mind, curious in both sense, avid for information and just plain odd.”

That’s what we are as well. We are curious by nature.

Standardisation is dead

Society seems to be built upon the ideas of standardisation and conforming to the norm, to provide the skills that where required in the industrial era. Then it was probably needed. Today it’s in the way of unlocking our potential as humans, teams, brands and companies.

We’re all completely different from each other, so why would we conform to the same ways of doing things?

"Be the best. It's the only market that's not crowded."

- Tom Peters